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We offer high performance team bonding with “Inspiring Sporting Excellence.” Pre, during and post team dynamics are the service which enables teams to perform better both on and off the arena/workplace and provides teams with major focus.

The outdoors helps you cope at work. Forget chugging caffeine, checking social media and unwisely dumping anger on colleagues after several post-work drinks – the best way to deal with the stress and pressure of work is by enjoying nature. Fell walking helps with the stresses and strains of urban living, constant noise and brain fatigue, where you’re distracted, absent-minded and have the attention span of a midge. People have long understood that wandering through green space has a beneficial, calming impact on the mind.

Nature is a brain healer. Urban environments are mentally demanding places to be – dodging cars, weaving through pedestrians, staring at screens, cramming on to trains and fielding phone calls require the brain to be constantly engaged, leaving precious little room for reflection or meditation. The beautiful sights and sounds of nature invoke soft fascination. In other words, it lets your mind off the hook for a while; going for a walk allows your brain to roam along with your body.

Being in the outdoors develops creativity. Walking in the countryside improves our attention, memory and recovery from mental fatigue, all of which are important for thinking creatively. Walking exposes us to the constant flux of a changing environment providing us with an array of new and unique experiences and give birth to new ideas.

A day in the mountains with colleagues can help depression. When exercising with others, it provides an opportunity to break down barriers, strengthen social networks, talk through problems or simply laugh and enjoy a team bonding break together.


Corporate team bonding days and residential packages can also be arranged. Each visit will be a bespoke package to suit the needs of the business, but they will be adventurous, fun and very social. The trip will be bespoke but we suggest it is based around a “Stop Typing Start Living” themed experience.

Longer corporate bonding packages are also available, so please contact us to discuss your needs.

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